Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Updates.

Well, obviously we're still here. No big surprise there. Don't worry...I promise we'll update as soon as we go into labor, but that could still be a good 3 weeks from now!

In other news, I can no longer tie my shoes. Yes. Chris had to actually tie them for me yesterday. When he's not around I'm going to have to wear slip-ons, flip flops or go ask a neighbor to tie them! (Just kidding).

Had a nice weekend, I had a huge milestone and actually installed the car seat yesterday. It's so weird driving around with it now. Too bad it's still empty. I finally made it to the pool yesterday too, it was the first time it wasn't jam packed with splashy, loud kids (kinda made me wonder why there werent 1000 kids in it on such a beautiful, warm day)... Swiming in the pool has NEVER EVER felt sooooo good. I never wanted to get out. It was the perfect temperature...

My project for the day involves selling all of Chris's school books online... who knew there was such a huge market for crummy textbooks?? :) So far I've sold 6 in 2 hours! What in the heck!!

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

You need Chloe to come NOW!! You are losing it! I love you. xooxoMOM