Saturday, July 17, 2010

All Grown Up…

Well, it’s official.


Lauren is not actually going to stay little forever.

I’m still in denial, however.

Need Proof?!


Her first tooth!!!


It broke through yesterday.

(see the white speck just to the right of the center?!)

That was yesterday.

It’s already growing like a weed.


You didn’t think I’d miss a photo opportunity for a milestone like this, did you??


I love any excuse to post pictures of the inside of my kids mouths.



I think she wins the record for slowest teether.

Almost 9 months!!

Even Chloe had her teeth for a couple months by this point ! IMG_2613  IMG_2616      

Hope you have a great weekend…

We’ve been cooped up since 4th of July weekend with this nasty cold.

Chris had it, gave it to Chloe who gave it to me and just yesterday …

You guessed it..

I gave it to Lauren!!

So maybe by August we’ll be able to venture out from our cave once again.

Or at least open our blinds and get some sunlight.


Have I mentioned I love this kid?!


Seriously. The world is a happier place with her in it.

Same thing for Chloe, don’t worry.

She’ll always be the one who made me a mommy…

But this, this right here is my BABY :)


Who happens to be almost 3/4 of a year old.


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