Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back to School...

Things are about to get crazy up in here.

Chris and I are BOTH going to be in school Fall semester.

Except he's going for his masters and I'm going back to the basics...

...Anatomy to be specific.

Please pray for my mental stability during this time.
And for our family to just enjoy the ride and survive.

That being said, starting in August, I'm likely to be MIA for the most part.
And if I'm not MIA, please promptly tell me to stop blogging and return to my studies.

I attempted this class once before with the same teacher.
And dropped the same day.
He scared the pants off me.
But he can't bring me down.
Seriously. I can do anything.
Especially a little dissection and a few ridiculously difficult tests.

But really, I'm excited.
More excited than I've ever been before about school.
I hate leaving my family a couple nights a week, but they're in good hands.
It'll be so nice for me to have something I'm doing for myself and by myself outside of the house (other than grocery shopping)... to accomplish this with everyone in tact will be a huge relief.

Now to plan easy meals I can make ahead of time for school nights. Anyone have any ideas?
Time to pull out the CrockPot...

But really, it's a step in the right direction.
Unless I drop out after the first day.
But I dont' think I will.
I already ordered my book.
There's no turning back.

Want to come along for the ride?!


Anonymous said...

Yes I do. You are amazing. I am proud of you. Is this for the nursing program? You will be sooo good. I miss you and the girls everyday. HOw about a few pictures? xooxoxMOM

Christine Jones said...

Wow you are amazing! You are an inspiration too. I wish that I had the desire to do something for just me! I hope that the class goes well this time... you wont drop out cause you know you can do it! Good luck and I look forward to hearing how everything goes! :)