Thursday, July 8, 2010

Diary of a Stay at Home Mama.

My days are filled with love.







Some tears.

A few tantrums.

Approximately 1000 refills of water (“wadya”).

IMG_1357 IMG_1362 IMG_1364

But really, have I mentioned love?


…and little babies devouring their mommies face??

IMG_1451_1 IMG_1452_1

The girls are finally starting to actually play together.


It’s the cutest thing…Lauren doesn’t even mind when Chloe plays dress up with her.


Lauren is constantly following Chloe all around the house.


She can often be found taking over the kitchen in Chloe’s room.

Seriously. I can’t imagine life without these girls.

When Chris and I are lying in bed after a particularly exhausting day in which we don’t think we could handle another hour of the chaos, we find ourselves laughing about the silly things Chloe says and her cute little personality…


…Sometimes, my favorite part of the day is remembering with my husband just how cute our girls are…

…Nope, life just wouldn’t be the same without them.

And it’s true, I really am living a fairytale life.

I love every minute. Even the stressful ones.

Especially the sweet ones.

Like when I wake Lauren up before I go to sleep so I can bring her into our bed and give her a bottle.

She lays on our bed with her big belly full of milk while she stretches and just smiles and coos at us.


Pure heaven.


I don’t mean for this blog to sell motherhood as some piece of cake.

It’s no walk in the park.

I’m constantly second guessing my parenting, obsessed with doing my best to help our girls become productive and happy adults.

Trying to enforce rules, create boundaries and responsible, appreciative girls.

I want to make sure they have great memories from their childhood, I want them to remember their parents as a huge part of their lives and make sure they remember lots of laughter and happiness in their lives.

I try not to focus on the negatives on the blog, because really, this is a record for our girls.

I want to remember the good things, the good times.

It’s not easy and things do go wrong.

That’s the honest truth.


Some days I need a break. Some days I just can’t give both girls the attention they want and deserve…


But kids are resilient and we’re doing our bestest.


But yes, I’m focusing on the good things, like simply taking ONE girl with me somewhere once in a while. We all love having 1-on-1 time with each other.

Another thing? I can’t tell you how much I love silly photos with the girls and I.


Like this one with Chloe, you can’t see it but she kept coming over to me and putting her arm around my shoulders and saying “cheeseeee”.


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