Thursday, March 12, 2009


One of the blogs that I read brought up the state of the economy today. It's a post that I think a lot of bloggers have thought about, but it's a touchy subject I haven't seen addressed.
Her question to her readers was about how the economy was affecting them personally.
I read through a lot of peoples comments and each one brought me pain. It's so so so sad to hear about good people falling on hard times, and it's no longer just a few people, every person is being affected in one way or another. I thought it was getting ugly for us when we realized we had (oh so very) negative equity in our home. But, to be honest, somehow we're doing well. Chris has been asked to take on a new project at work (which is a HUGE compliment) and there's a promotion looming in the future for him.
I'm not saying that means we're safe. It's still the world of government contracting (which I've learned more about in the last few years than I think I ever wanted to know), but so far, it looks like we are doing alright for the time being. We're being careful with our spending and are cautiously optimistic about the future.
I hope the economy isn't too hard on you and your loved ones.
You are in our thoughts.

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