Friday, March 6, 2009



I'm sure Chris probably thought it would never end, but yesterday, he took his LAST final~!
He is done (except for a few assignments he has to finish up)...

What a huge accomplishment.

He managed to do it with fabulous grades, a pregnant wife (followed by a screaming infant) AND a full time job.

I am so grateful for everything he does and I know Chris is always going to be a role model for our kids.

Except they are required to go to college and just get it done.

Before they have families that require their attention.

We got our taxes done a couple weeks back and you could tell the tax lady was Shocked at everything Chris does. Not so impressed by me.
Job: SAHM.
Pay: Crummy.
Unless you count Spit-Up as a form of payment...
...In which case I'm rich.
If you ask me, it's more like payback.
Rewards: Indescribable.

In Chloe news...
The bathtub just keeps getting better for the little lady.
She splashes like a crazy woman.

It really should be a two person affair, but daddy was at his final during this so the pictures are a little blurry.

If you want a better picture, you should come give her a bath yourself. It's good ole' fashioned fun.

Just don't forget to get rid of any stray peas her neck may be holding hostage.

We watched Gabby last weekend and Chris and I were amazed at her ability to nibble on her feet.
We came to the conclusion that perhaps Chloe was just not as flexible.

Turns out, she can do it JUST fine.

Turns out she can also do more than just nibble.

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Anonymous said...

We miss all of you. Chris. WE are so proud of you. What an accomplisment. Chloe. You are amazing and so adorable. Chris. Remarkable. Jenny. Priceless. xoxoMom