Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet Pea.

Have I mentioned lately that Chloe is a huge fan of peas now?
She wasn't sure at first, but now, she can't get enough.
Yesterday I made her a few batches of Organic Sweet Peas.

For my Sweet Pea.
Makes me feel like a better mom.
I can't feed my baby the way God intended,
but I can sure as heck whip up a mean batch of Organic peas.
Makes me feel like I'm doing the best I can.
It's amazing how much she can brighten your day...

... Even when she looks like she's growling
That reminds me, she's so grown up now, she holds all of her bottles on her own.
Ironically enough, I think she enjoys them even more because of her new found independence.

I've been messing around with photoshop, don't worry - not all of the pictures from now on will have a logo. just experimenting...


Anonymous said...

How cute is that....I love your logo. YOu are all set and ready to go. WE will need some family photos next time you visit. I LOVE your pictures. oxoxoMOM

TL said...

Love the logos! When can we be your test subjects?!