Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yuck Yuck.

It's 7:15.
Chloe has been up since 5 something. It used to be that she slept until 7, but it appears that every week her sleep gets cut down by a 1/2 hour or so. Not good.
It's 7:15.
I've just survived the most gruesome of Chloe's Poop Chronicles to date. I am thinking of renaming the blog. Chloe's poop chronicles has a nice ring to it. I fed her prunes the last two nights. I really should have known, but why would they sell prunes as jarred baby food if they were such a laxative for babies?? Wouldn't they post a warning label on the front?
Caution: Feeding your Baby Prunes will result in a full-blown blowout. Feed at your own risk!
Or perhaps it's just our kid.
The first night, no problems. This morning: an entirely different story.

I heard the telltale sign of a problem as she was playing in her high chair this morning. I looked over to see a pretty red face (typical), but what was out of the ordinary was the still-as-a-statue pose she had adopted since the time of the 'problematic sound'. Something seems to have scared her stiff.

Not good I think to myself... I lug her up to her room to check out the damage and as I lay her down on her changing pad, I realize my arm has become one with the poop. And let me tell you, prune poop is not like formula poop. Oh no my friends. I won't go into the gory details but trust me. Avoid (tar) prunes. Sorry. I couldn't help some of the details.

Needless to say, the kid literally got hosed off in the shower, and then got a serious bath. Which she loves. I'm thinking she did this on purpose so she could splash around in the bath. (Cutest thing EVER to watch).
Lesson Learned: Constipated Baby? Try Prunes!!

It's 7:23, Chloe is happily off in dreamland. Probably for 1/2 an hour. Does anyone have a naptime solution? She gets about 30 minutes of a nap in the early morning and then she's basically up. For the DAY. Yup. Miss No Nap. Nothing New. Same as the day she was born. Miss the action? "Heck No" she says!


Anonymous said...

OMG ...no Naps! That is really unfair to her poor mother. Of course, you would probably be like your mom and go in and wake her up anyway just cuz you wanted to play. Love you Jenn. xoxo Aunt Suzy

Anonymous said...

You are sweet in your storytelling and your gentleness in describing your love for your little Chloe. I knew you would be an awesome mom. The love you feel for Chloe is something you have to experience firsthand to truly understand the bond between mother and child. That is why I always told you that you wouldn't understand how deep my love is for you until you experience it yourself. Now you know how I have felt about you. True love runs so deep. xooxoMOM