Monday, March 9, 2009

Tick, Tick, Tick. (AND a Boston Update!)

See the little ticker above??
It says Chloe is 1 day shy of being 6 months.
For some reason, i feel like when I wake up tomorrow, she'll be standing in her crib talking.
I know it's completely impossible, but still. It just seems so old.
She's already 1/36th of the way out of the house.
Thanks to Chris for the fabulous calculation.

I look back at Chloe's cousin Ashley's blog a lot to see what she was doing and how much hair she had at certain points in her life to compare with Chloe (they're 1 year and like 4 days apart or something crazy).
Hmm. Where was I going with this...
Oh yeah.
My sister (and Ashley) booked their tickets to Boston today and they are sitting right next to us! CHAOS!
I happened upon a post in Ashley's blog from last year from when my sister Christina brought Chloe's cousins Taylor and Alex to visit from Boston last year. I loved that visit, but it was too short (they all are!)
I had such a fabulous time with everyone. When the sisters and cousins get together, well, those memories last forever. I appreciate every minute I get to spend with my nieces, but it's especially nice to see my sisters. Especially now that we all have kids. I feel like the 12 year age difference between us is cut down to almost nothing. The only thing between us these days is geography.

I'm just getting really excited for our trip. I can't wait to see my glowing and pregnant sister and catch up with my nieces who must be like 15 years old by now. Ok. Totally an exaggeration.

I promise that tomorrow I will return to our original programming and Chloe's 6 month post will make a lot more sense that this excited garble.

Taa Taa!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful thoughts to your sisters and nieces. You are a beautiful person Jenny. I love you. Can't wait for Chloe's pictures tomorrow. xooxoMOM

TL said...

You're so cute. That 12 year gap may be cut down, but at least your boobs are still where they're supposed to be!

Can't wait for Boston. That poor sucker who gets the middle seat in between the two adult+lap infants!

Anonymous said...

Hey...what gives??? It is Chloe's birthday and I am waiting patiently. xoxooMOM