Friday, February 27, 2009


... I'll get back into updating frequently on here.
. I (almost) promise .
For those of you who don't know, the hubby is going to be done with school after next week.
For good.

Until he realizes how dang smart he is and goes back for his Masters.
Chloe and I are just so proud!


To Celebrate, I'm taking my love(s) to Big Sur March 13-15th. The drive up the coast along the 1 is pretty much my favorite thing. Well, when it comes to driving at least. Want to know how much I love it?
I get car sick on windy roads.
I still love the drive.
Even when I've got my head out the window and am woozy.
I still can't help but enjoy the scenery.
(While avoiding barfing and all)

Yesterday, Chris helped me come to the realization that I'm pretty much a hotel snob.
Although I'd like to point out that up until this point he's loved the choices I've made in the past...Bucuti anyone? Seriously. Go there. Aruba. Don't Miss it. Run, Don't walk!

In any case, I don't ask to stay at the Ritz, but I do have a clearly defined idea in my head of how a hotel room should look.

Basically, my point is, my hubby's wish was to not go back to Monterey (been there/done that) or Carmel or anything 'snobby' I think he said. I can appreciate that.

So, I just booked us a couple nights in an adorable 'rustic' hotel/cabin along the 1, and believe it or not, I am absolutely thrilled. We'll be near a creek, we'll have a little fireplace, we'll have a little kitchen so I can make hot cocoa...and maybe I'll throw caution into the wind and throw a couple marshmallows in. Unless it's 80 degrees, that is. But I'm going to assume it'll be cold. I can't wait to be bundled up close to my new graduate.

I may be rethinking my lodging choices more often in the future.
Perhaps "roughing" it isn't going to be so bad after all.

I know someone else who's excited too!


Anonymous said...

Not that I don't like nice hotels, but being "away from it all" sounds pretty nice right now.

Anonymous said...

congrats Chris we are proud of you too!! And have fun on your trip, sounds awsome. Jeff, Jennell & Kailynn

Anonymous said...

Hey...I know this is dumb question but want to go alone? I know someone who would love to babysit. We are so proud of Chloe's dad and Jenny's husband. Love you all. xooxoxGrandma Lynn