Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5 months

This one sure snuck up on us. I happened to realize the date was the 10th.

...Which means our babycakes is adding another month to her ticker!
I just realized I forgot her darn sign. Oh well. Let's just pretend these pictures have a cute sign that says "I am 5 months old today! February 10, 2009"
There. That feels much better.

At 5 Months, Chloe...

~Can roll in either direction multiple times now...
~Can Laugh,Laugh,Laugh (she surprised us today by giving us her best performance to date!)
~Sleeps Unswaddled! No more baby burrito!!

~Sleeps from 7pm-7am, more or less... Fabulous...
~Loves to shop. Seriously. Not a whimper from her even though she is sometimes a little tired. I think she was born to shop.

~Loves her activity gym, her activity center (yes, they are different!)
~Loves to 'help' mommy cook dinner from her high chair. Actually, it's usually her witching hour and she spends most of it bossing me around, aka. screaming ;)

~Is starting to sit unsupported...

I can't imagine that life could get any better. But honestly, I know it can. Which is amazing - soon she'll be scooting and sitting up on her own for more than just a couple seconds before toppling over.

I have to admit, I no longer find myself wishing I had that little itty, bitty, teenie weenie baby I first met. Don't get me wrong, I do miss that stage, but Oh MY GOSH is this new exploring-the-world stage fun! Not to mention I get a whole heck of a lot more sleep these days. I'm so over the zombie phase :)

We love you, Chloe!
Mommy & Daddy.


Magnolia Mom said...

Hi, Jen

Thanks for stopping by. Chloe is beautiful. These pics are awesome!


Randi said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy 5 months Chloe! She is such a cutie. I love how you are taking so many pictures of her! My favorites are the ones with the little brown bow. I can't wait until my little Selah grows some hair!

Anonymous said...

Jenny and Chris--every day I think each picture is more beautiful than the next. She looks like a model for a perfect baby doll. Now, these sleeping ones just hurt my insides with the beauty. Loved the one with her hand with Gabby's, too. You are too clever. xo, GSue

Anonymous said...

You amaze me every day. She and you are gorgeous! xoxoMOM

becoming-mom said...

Wow, what a gorgeous little girl!