Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun with Gabby!

Chloe had a photo shoot with her buddy Gabby today.

They were so cute to watch. They loved looking at each other too!

I can't get over how cute this next one is.

They had a grand old time!
They're exactly 1 week apart!
It's so fun to see them together.

Not to mention I always like hanging out with her mom.
I didn't really have time to edit these like I wanted, but they're still super duper cute.
If you have't noticed...I'm on a blogging spree today.

Also an ironic thing to note, Chloe was at the same park on her 4 AND 5 month birthdays. Ok, so that's not really big news. oh well.


Anonymous said...

Now you stop it right now. I can't believe how adorable these 2 babies are together. Jenny. I am working on a name for your photography portfolio. You are awesome and have a natural eye. It doesn't hurt that you have such a great subject. I can't wait to hold her next weekend. xooxooxMOM

TL said...

This hat is delicious...Chloe is pretty cute too! ;)