Friday, February 13, 2009

Sitting Pretty

No, Really now. She is starting to sit.
I'm not sure how I feel about it.

My heart just melts when I see her sitting up and smiling...

But breaks when I realize it means she's growing up...
But then melts again when I realize exactly that...
She's growing up...
Learning new things...
Exploring her world.
But in all honestly, I am beyond excited for this new phase.

Mom and Dad, I'm so glad you're coming next weekend.
Hopefully she won't be driving by then.
I'm ready to get some more interesting photos instead of just having her lying down all the time!
I'm sure she's beyond thrilled about that.
But so far, she's been a complete ham in her new upright position.

Well..until she topples over.
Which makes it really hard to be the photographer.
I have to try and take a good picture, while making sure my main priority is catching her if she starts to tumble.

Oh well.
A few bumps on the noggin just make for a more interesting picture.
I am JUST kidding.
That's why the pillow is behind her in most of these...

Although I still catch her in time anyway.
I promise.

Does the preview snapshot of this first video look like she's about to punch you in the face?
Because she's not...or is she...she does have a little mischief in her blood you know! :)
Enjoy our 'sitter'


Anonymous said...

Hello Chloe. You are precious. See you next weekend. I am going to hug you silly little girl. xooxoGrandma Lynn

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Chloe. It is your first one! xoxooGrandma Lynn