Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's make a deal.

We're going to make a deal.
Right here. Right now.

I have opened my heart and soul on this blog and posted even when I was exhausted...
...and you keep coming back...
That must mean I'm doing something right.
Now... I'd like for you to give a little something back.

Some recent events have transpired and I'm looking to build my photography portfolio. There's a need in our area but I need to start with the basics.
That's where you come in.

I need help coming up with a name. A cute one.

One that doesn't give the impression that it's only childrens photography. We've come up with a couple names but I need some fresh ideas. Jenny Johnson Photography is good and all...but let's see if we can get something a little more...well...cute.

I would REALLY like it if you'd take the time to comment today and give me a few ideas.
In return, I will keep the sappy stories and delicious pictures coming.
If you are family, this is not optional. It is required.

I also need some volunteers to be my test monkeys. I'm looking for couples, families, babies and maternity shoots. Anyone want to confess their pregnancies right here and now?! Hehe.

Christina, I'm coming for Your growing belly... and the GIRLS (hi taylor and alex!)... and just your all around darn cute family when I see you in April. You better be ready!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Memories--Photography by Jennifer....or, The Way We Were--Photography by Jennifer...or, Memories of the Way We Were...Photography by Jennifer

TL said...

You other niece is available for a photoshoot too. I know she's not from Boston, but she's pretty cute!

Anonymous said...

how bout ... Hearts 'a' Flutter...keeps poopin in my head...Nell

Anonymous said...

umm typo.. poppin' hehehe