Friday, July 10, 2009

10 Months...200 posts!

So today is not only Chloe's 10 month birthday, but this is also my 200th post!
That just seems crazy.

Chloe is a total delight. Most of the time.     
She is becoming very opinionated.
She also makes the silliest faces when she's giving you her opinion.

She only naps twice a day now; 8:30 and 1:00.

She’s a little beast (YES our beauty can be a beast!) around 5:30 but don’t worry – she’s happily in dream land by 6:30 every night. Until 6:30 in the morning.
We are SO lucky.

She’s into EVERYTHING.



She is honestly a crackup.

You tell her "no" and she laughs her tail off.
She knows what "no" means, she just chooses to pretend you're saying something really hilarious.

Then she keeps on doing what she's doing, only now more furiously and usually with some shrieking because she knows you'll come stop her soon. 


She just has to get her fill.
I know she started cruising along furniture months ago now, but she still has very little interest in walking.  She will occasionally accidentally take a step or two but that's about it.  We'll revisit the topic at a later point I'm sure.

IMG_7150 copy
She continues to be an insane eater. She likes a few cheerios in the morning while I'm getting her bottle ready, she loves a good ole' grilled cheese sandwich and she won't stop eating until she is appropriately stuffed. Even then, she likes to scavenge around inside her bib looking for some crumbs she may have missed.  She will eat anything. Except rice cereal. What a joke.  To be honest, I did an experiment with her to see just how picky she was. I made her a spinach and cheese quesadilla in a tomato basil (i.e. yucky/healthy) tortilla.  She made a little face but kept on eating.
I'm not kidding.  She's a great eater. I wonder what the chances of that continuing are? 
Hopefully Lauren will get a chance to eat once in a while.
Oh yeah. Don't even THINK about trying to eat in front of her. Or behind her. Or within 2 rooms of her. She just knows.


Here’s the best lamb picture we could get.


I think those glorious days of her lounging around in a sleepy stupor on her lamb during our photo shoots are long gone.


Anonymous said...

I love you Chloe. You are absolutely adorable. I see your little teeth pushing through your gums and they are so cute. Your mommy is the best and you look so so happy. Jenny I am so proud of you honey. Thanks for taking such good care of my grandbaby. xoxoxoMOM

Anonymous said...

I forgot...Happy Birthday Chloe. I miss you. Stop being so cute. I want to drive up there and kiss those addorable little dimples. xooxoxo Grandma Lynn

Anonymous said...

Oops. I almost forgot. Your pictures a great and so beautiful Jenny. I want them all. xooxMOM