Thursday, July 2, 2009


So we got good news today.
Not great, but much better than what we heard just 3 weeks ago.
Lauren is right on track at 23 weeks exactly today.
Her organs are functioning normally, her little heart is just beating away, she was curled up like a roly-poly for most of the ultrasound and had her face covered. She sure is shy!

The fluid has increased and is now considered to be within the normal range.

I'm still at risk for a couple reasons, one being just the history of low fluid in this pregnancy. They will do another ultrasound in 8 weeks (August 27th) to see where we're at.

Second, there is still no fluid protecting Lauren from things on the outside since the fluid remains in pools to the side of the baby. It's nervewracking to see the ultrasounds, the specialist has to go hunting for the fluid.

The doctor did remind me that because I had low fluid, it can easily go back down. "Keep doing whatever you're doing" she told me.

I'm just so glad we don't have such a scary timeline for birth.
Hopefully the visions of the NICU fairies will stop dancing in my head now.
The end.
Have a great 4th of July weekend!


Anonymous said...

SO happy to see things are getting better. Keep baking Lauren, we are excited to meet you but not til it's your time to come out. We love all of you guys.
Jennell, Jeff & Kailynn

Anonymous said...

What better anniversary gift than good news from your Dr. Keep up the good work Jen and Chris. LJ

Anonymous said...

That is such great news! Hope you have a wonderful 4th! We miss you and love you!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had access to my computer til tonight but heard the news over the phone. Always good to read it in black and white. Love you all. Hope i see you this week. xooxoxMOM