Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Explanation.

Yesterday Chris and I celebrated our second wonderful year of marriage.


Chloe couldn’t believe how fast it snuck up on us!

IMG_6852 edit

I’ll do my best to narrate, but let’s be honest.

Nobody is here for the commentary.

I have over 500 pictures that I am finally getting around to looking at.

I just love this picture.

It’s So Chloe.

That’s a new catch-phrase in case you didn’t know.


She has been very hard at play these days…





…Concentrating VERY hard…


Trying her hand at this whole walking thingIMG_6765_1 

The next series of pictures is like one of those flip books…

Except it’s not.

But just for fun, scroll down quickly and give it a go.

Chloe is showing you her ‘dance’ moves while she remains seated.

Go figure.





…Demonstrating her clapping abilities…


She gets pretty into it.


IMG_6796_2 IMG_6812_1

Chloe wasn’t interested so I told her to “smile!”

…This is the result…


She immediately flipped her head towards me and gave me the biggest, fakest grin.

Almost like a teenager would when you’re trying to get a nice family vacation photo.

Isn’t it a little early for this kind of attitude?


I’m really not sure her little mouth can stretch any further!

Another SWEET flip book:





Well, that’s all the entertainment I can muster up for now.

Tomorrow is the big day.

Hopefully this will give us some answers.

I just hope it’s what we want to hear.

Lauren. Stay and bake. A lot longer.

Chloe wants a break from the paparazzi (aka mom) and thinks you’re the perfect celebrity for the job.

At least I don’t use the flash.        

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Anonymous said...

Those are beautifully delicious. Chloe has so many different looks and expressions. I loved the piano concert today even if it was over the phone and at work. Chloe is going to be quite an entertainer. I can't wait to see the video. I can't believe it is 2years already. It seems like just yesterday I was balling my eyes out because you flowers were not coming at all and I didn't know how to tell you. I sobbed and sobbed, straightened up and walked in to break the news to you. You said, mom, don't worry about it. Today I am marrying the man I love and I don't care if I have flowers...I can just carry this little pink clutch bag (belonging to someone else of course). You were absolutely incredibly calm and sweet. It was a beautiful day for all of us. We love you very much...all 3 of you. I might just have to sneak up there over the 4th of July weekend if you aren't allowed to come to Manhattan Beach. YOu never know what they will say tomorrow. There is plenty of room for you and we will get everything you need....if youare able to come. We are leaving tomorrow. xooxoxMom