Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lauren Garb

I can't help myself these days.
I find myself scouring the internet for the perfect items for our upcoming bundle of joy.
I don't care that we still have a while to go.
It takes my mind off our wait.
Not to mention I'm female and like to accumulate ridiculously cute baby things, especially when they're a great price!
Please allow me to entertain you with my cute baby finds.
There are a LOT more, but I can't justify anything that's not going to be a necessity at some point.

Maybe I can get some feedback on if I'm forgetting anything we'll need another of for Lauren?

1. We bought the crib & mattress to match Chloe's.

2. We even got an awesome deal on a double stroller.
I know we had a couple people (ahem, grandparents) who wanted to buy this for us, and I'm sorry we broke down and bought it before we could give you a chance, but did I mention we got an awesome deal?

I can't wait to use this baby!
And yes, I promise to actually use it.
It has not one but TWO cupholders for the coffee I'll be drinking by the gallon.

What else is left, you ask?
Well, luckily we're ALL set on clothes :)
Chris asked me today, do we need to buy her more clothes?!
Don't ya worry, Monkey.
Lauren has all the adorable clothes she could ever ask for; they just aren't brand spankin' new!

3. Lauren will need a convertible car seat at some point. I stumbled upon this one about a week ago and can't get it out of my mind:
Oh. My. Gosh.

Isn't it so dang cute?!
It makes my heart go pitter-patter.
It's a Britax Marathon, which are generally around $280+ for their... ummm... less attractive patterns...
This one?
Yes. That's right. No shipping AND no tax.
Ridiculously Cute.
I've only found it on one website.
It's taken all my effort not to just buy it right up.
What if it's gone soon?!
Anyone want to make a bet on how long I last?
I'm going to give myself another couple days.

4. A Highchair. This is the one Chloe has and we love it. Might as well make them match :)

What else am I forgetting?

5. Want to waste a couple hours of your life?
Search for 'baby bow'
I'm going to have to learn how to make cute baby bows.
It's my master plan for being a stay at home mom. Except not.
But seriously. If you don't find at least a few bows you think are beyond cute, you are on the wrong blog :)
Now that Chloe is finally starting to have some hair, I can't help but make sure she has a bow 90% of the time we step out of the house.

Speaking of Chloe, she has made a couple milestones lately as well:
1. She has officially taken a couple 'test' steps on her own. I'm waiting to see her do it a few times in a day. Then it'll be big news.
2. She claps constantly now and is very proud of herself.
3. She also enjoys dancing to the beat. Unfortunately it appears she got her parents questionable dancing skills. Poor girl. She does a mean headbang, however.

Okay. I'm off to bed.
Thursday (and then October) can't come soon enough.
We love our girlies.
Poor Chris.
I think he's getting gray hairs just thinking about it.
Except not.
He loves having girls.

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Anonymous said...

I just love reading how madly in love you are with Chloe.