Friday, June 12, 2009

Story AND a Name :)

I'm going to begin with a little story. I'll end on a happy note with a name. I promise.
*Edit: See below post for the name*
Our ultrasound results came back a few days ago...
Baby looked good but there was a slight concern about low amniotic fluid so I was being referred to a specialist just to check things out.
Fast Forward to today.
I had another Ultrasound.
And a Gender Confirmation.
It's A Girlie Girl.
For Sure. No Doubts. The perinatologist didn't have to spend more than 2 seconds before she announced.

That being said, my amniotic fluid is lower than they would like but not critical at this point.

I won't go into what low fluid COULD mean, but the doctor reassured me that everything looks great, including the heart, kidneys, bladder, brain, etc. The baby is also growing right on for being 20 weeks.

There doesn't seem to be a real explanation for what caused this but the doctor isn't super concerned. She said they'll monitor closer than they would otherwise and I am to come back on July 2nd for a repeat US to make sure the levels aren't decreasing further.

She then looked at me and she asked, "How are your days, are you busy?" I looked at her and almost started cracking up. I immediately thought of our 9 month old scaling the stairs, cruising the furniture and creating a trail of destruction.

I'm not sure how to put what comes next. I fully expected to be told today that everything was A-OK and there was just a calculation error on the last ultrasound. Instead, I haven't been given the green light to move on with life, in fact, from what I understand, it's the opposite.

There is a possibility of cord compression because the baby isn't really floating like they'd like and the decreased fluid could contribute to a problem...

I was also advised to be careful because what fluid is in there is in pockets on the sides of the baby, not cushioning the baby all around (we saw this at our other ultrasound as well). What that means is a sweet little kick from Chloe isn't as protected as it should be.

I'm basically to be resting as much as possible. The less I'm up and moving, the better of an environment I'm creating for the baby. If I were further along in the 35+ weeks category, it wouldn't be too big of a deal if the fluid got any lower because they could just induce me, however, we're not even to a point of viability yet.

I tell myself it's not that big of a deal, but honestly, I am somewhat worried because if this does get worse, I could potentially wind up in the hospital. I can tell you that I'll be relieved once we've made it a couple more months because then if something were to happen, our odds would be much better... It's early on in our pregnancy to be having fluid problems.

Okay. I know this is scatterbrained and unexpected. Hopefully this answers questions you might have, but if you have any, let me know.


Anonymous said...

I hope you know you are always in my prayers. Sorry for the hiccup but I have faith that all will be fine honey. Please keep us informed. We don't like to "bug". xoxooxMimi

Anonymous said...

Jen, I'm on summer break now so if you need any help, please don't hesitate. I'd love to come down for a visit and i know that Kailynn would love seeing Chloe.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story and a beautiful name.