Monday, June 1, 2009

Have We Got A Story To Tell!!

Well, we just got home from our ultrasound. My birthday present to myself.
Long story short, the tech was beyond awful.
Ok. Now the long story.
She couldn't tell us if she saw girl parts or boy parts. She said it was WAY too early to tell. Are you kidding me? We were 18+ weeks along. We were told at 12 weeks that it was probably a girl. Same thing with Chloe. By this time in my pregnancy with Chloe, there was no doubt it was a girl.
THEN, it took her 45 minutes to measure the babys head, femur and to calculate the heartbeat. Things regular techs can do in 5.
She then let us go.
Odd. Nothing about any anatomy. Nothing to make sure the baby even had the right organs in the right places. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

I don't know if we are having a boy or girl.
Sorry Folks.
Although she's going to "guess" girl.
(I'm sure it's a girl).

Worst of all, we don't even know if everything is alright. If things are working right.
I'm sure things are, but to not have any kind of looksie or anything was REALLY Lame.
Capital L Lame.

I almost cried on the way home. But I didn't.

I don't want to remember this about my big birthday.

Instead, I'm going to remember seeing her cute little body and arms and feet.
Knowing I saw her little heart beating away.

Sorry there aren't any pictures to show. She gave us two of the back of her head but they're not worth the effort of scanning into the computer. I'm sure you can imagine what a fuzzy grey image of a circle would look like.
But dont' worry, what we did get to see of her was cute.
I caught a glimpse of her cute little spine.
Chloe is going to love tormenting her.

Yes. I'm calling her a her.
Until something tells us otherwise.
Although I'm sure that franks and beans would already have been there.

But wait. I'm getting to the best part! When I get home, I check my phone to realize I have a voicemail from the Ultrasound tech. She forgot to do the other 1/2 of our scan. Are you KIDDING me?!
I had Chris take off this morning so he could help with Chloe and now I have to go back to be re-scanned another day?

I was royally pissed to say the least. I called back and let them know I would come back but they will be having a different tech doing the ultrasound. I also made sure to mention the fact that I'd be bringing in my screaming baby without help. Take that.

Ahhh. That feels better. Just let it alllll out....
I'll let you know Wednesday afternoon how it went. Although don't expect a gender, it's still going to be WAAAY too early to tell I'm sure.

Which reminds me. Chloe is feeling better, her fever has gone down but she's still on some Motrin/Tylenol because she will get warm if she doesn't have any. She's broken out in a rash which the doctor said to expect and it signals that she's getting better. It must have been some kind of Virus. She is REALLY cranky still, however. I mean REALLY cranky. Our generally good, sweet, entertains herself baby has turned on us. But she's still cute. Especially when she's crying so hard for no good reason.

Speak of the devil. Turns out naptime is over before it began.
See you later!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a day you've had,and for it being your 25th, that's alot of negative stuff happening. Hope you got my well wishes. Love you so much. Aunt Suzy

Anonymous said...

Jenny. I am sorry but I am laughing so hard I can't see my computer screen. You really should be a writer...seriously. YOu can work from home and you will have so much good material with 2 children under 2 years old. I feel for your day but you seem to have worked yourself out of the anger by venting so all is well. As for Chloe...I think you are fibbing. She is NEVER crabby when I am with her. But I wish I was a fly on the wall when you take her with you to have your ultrasound. Now THAT will be funny! Happy 25th BDAY baby Jenny. Love you so much. Thanks for the laughs and please think about becoming an author. It would be a bestseller whatever you write about.....(just don't make it about your upbringing). xoxooMOM

Anonymous said...

I agree, you should be a writer. I wouldn't mind retiring early =).