Wednesday, June 10, 2009

9 Months

Chloe, today you turn 9 months.

It's bittersweet to say the least.

You celebrated by singing yourself a little song.


I love every moment of every day with you.

I'm not ready to accept that you're 75% of the way to toddler-hood.
It's amazing to watch your personality develop as you gain confidence and take on the world.

You scrunch up your little face and breathe really hard when you want to be silly and you've learned that the fastest way to get us to come running is pretend something is horribly wrong and cry your pitiful moan, half laugh half cry.


You are notorious for following me around the house or tugging at my pant leg half whining/half crying "Mamaaaaaaaaa".


You are also becoming insanely ticklish. I L-O-V-E to tickle you and hear you belly laugh.

I noticed this morning for the first time you actually did a little boogie when a song came on that you liked. So I played it again. You boogied again.

Oh My Gosh.

You dance!

Seriously the cutest thing ever.

We've also entered new territory in your mobility. I'm not sure if I mentioned this yet, but you're a SERIOUS stair climber now. It started about a week ago. You saw a box of diapers on the landing and you made a bee line for them. I thought for sure you'd falter on the first step and give up. There was no faltering, no slow learning curve.
You were up to the second step before I could blink an eye. Then, you immediately proved to me just how naive a mom can be. You climbed the entire set of stairs, laughing and giggling the whole way. Never missing a step or taking a breather.

Walking is a different story, however. You have no interest so far. You think you can crawl much faster than walk. Silly girl. Recently you have become more courageous and will let go of things with your hands and balance for a while (by a while I mean less than 10 seconds!). I'm sure those first steps aren't far off.

You are still a really UNpicky eater, consuming anything set in front of you.
You love the pit of a mango, peaches, pears, apple, blueberries, cheese, turkey, cheerios and more... But what you REALLY love?? Well that's easy. It's whatever mom and dad are eating. Doesn't matter if your stomach is bursting at the seams from the meal you just consumed. You can always find room for whatever is on our plates.  

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Anonymous said...

Honey. YOu are great at capturing the many looks of Chloe Lynn. Thank you so much. xooxoxMOM

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