Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There's a...

...Good Chance It's A ....


No big surprises here.

Our little babycakes was shy and despite looking for a good 20 minutes, never gave us a completely clear shot. HOWEVER, the tech (who was fabulous) was 85% sure it was a girl. The perinatologist super guessed girl at 12 weeks... they guessed that early with Chloe also and it was right...

So everyone, there's your answer!

We really don't need much to prepare! A few big ticket items and we're set. Ya know, the basics... A crib, high chair, Boxes and BOXES of diapers. hehe. Did I mention diapers? I feel like I'm always buying them!!! Gotta love a new box of pampers. Am I really doing a product review on diapers?! Yikes.

I originally didn't want a double stroller, but there are a couple that I'm interested in now. I don't think I'll use it 100% of the time, but I can think of quite a few examples of times when I'm really going to have no other choice and will really wish I had one.

It's weird, I always just assumed I'd have a boy. I really thought that when we actually learned that our last baby was a girl I'd be heartbroken. I'm surprised at my reaction... I feel the opposite. I couldn't be happier. We're giving Chloe an insta-best friend (and enemy!)

I'm so glad to be getting more use out of Chloe's clothes. I'm dying to go back through the boxes and hang up all her teeny tiny outfits.
I can't believe in a few months they'll be on our newest bundle of joy!!

Sorry Grandparents, I guess I'll leave it to my sisters to give you a grandson!!


Anonymous said...

I adore baby girls. So thank you Jen and Chris. Having grandaughters opens up a whole new world for me. LJ

Anonymous said...

I am not the least bit disappointed. I had girls and they are fabulous. Love. Love. Love the news. Thanks. I hope to see you this weekend. xoxoMOM