Monday, June 15, 2009

The Saga Continues...

Okay. Nobody Panic. Here's what the midwife and I discussed today.

They haven't gotten a copy of the report from Friday but when I told her that the fluid measurement was the same as the first ultrasound, she got pretty honest.

I'm not sure I really wanted to hear the things she had to say, but it put in perspective the fact that we need to be really careful. We're really really early on, we won't even be viable for another 4 weeks or so and unless my number goes up, we could be looking at a couple interesting situations. I'm putting this nicely.

So without saying too much more, I'm officially on a no travel restriction, what they call "not calling it bed rest" and downing at least a gallon of water a day in hopes I can get my number up.

To our down South family, we're going to miss you this weekend. We would have loved to have been there.

Please keep baby Lauren in your thoughts and hope for a good ultrasound on July 2nd... Maybe if we all think positively, our number will magically double!! That would be perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Could we please see Chris and Chloe's handy work from the weekend? xooxoxMOM YOu didn't call me this morning. bad girl.