Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Johnson Family Chronicles

I've given the blog a new temporary face lift and name.
I actually felt guilty posting things about Lauren on Chloe's Chronicles, like I'm taking away Chloe's thunder. However, we all know they'll have to learn to share at some point, right??

Besides, Lauren will NOT be forgotten as the second child.
I contemplated starting a blog just for her, but c'mon now...
That's not realistic!
I have to admit, the Chloe Chronicles were hard to let go.
In my heart, I think these will always remain Chloe's Chronicles.

I'm glad this isn't the end but more of a new beginning, although there is a certain sadness in officially closing the chapter on Chloe's single-childness.

I'm trying to grasp a lot of new things these days and I can tell you that when it's not Lauren on my mind, it's how Chloe is going to be affected by everything in the subsequent months...
...More Later...
And Yes. This is yet another post without pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I love it Jen.