Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mimi & Papa Visit

We were so lucky to have Chloe’s Mimi and Papa visit this weekend.

I love when my parents make the trip all the way North.IMG_6287_1

We made the most of it and had a fabulous, fun-filled weekend.

Action-Packed if you will.

IMG_6269 copy

Chloe even enjoyed herself during a little photoshoot.IMG_6245 copy

She gave us some of the cutest (and oddest) looks on the planet.

IMG_6249 copy

Mimi and Papa don’t get much time to sightsee when they visit so we took them North for just that.

We went to Avila Beach, walked along the pier, spotted some seals (sea lions?) and even took Chloe to a fish market!



She was completely entertained the entire time.


We did a little drive-by of both San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach.

We went to lunch in Arroyo Grande, walked around the town, went to their farmers market and came home and promptly crashed.

The boys decided they were going to be adventurous and go see Terminator and then skedaddle on over to the Santa Maria Speedway for a night of even more heart-stopping thrills as they watched cars go around and around.

The ladies opted for a more serene evening at Babies R Us.

Big surprise.

Okay, but wait. I have an important announcement.

Chris and I got to go on a DATE.

I feel like I forgot what that word meant.


We weren’t gone long but it was SO nice to just enjoy spending some time alone with the hubby.

Soooo A HUGE thanks to my parents for driving 4 hours to babysit, sightsee and spoil our kiddo(s) rotten!


And actually, thanks to Mimi and Papa, the next kiddo now has something she can say was not a hand-me down.  Pictures coming in November.


Whew, that was a lot of blabbering.

Just one more thing, however.

Big News: We have a nephew (and Chloe/#2 has a BOY cousin!) 


Okay. Obviously it’s time to get to picking #2’s name.

# 2 is not appropriate anymore.

(* Sorry #2 *)



Anonymous said...

SO cute! Love all the pics! Sure miss you guys! Ashley calls every baby she see "Choe" (somehow, the "L" doesn't make it... She misses her cousin!

Anonymous said...

it was a great weekend. thanks for making us feel so at home. miss you all. xooxxoGrandma Lynn