Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Chloe,...

I have a confession.
I've never gone into your room late at night to pick you up while you peacefully slumber just to cuddle you.

I've always been so proud that you're such an independent (albeit LIGHT) sleeper.
Have I mentioned LIGHT sleeper?
But tonight, I couldn't help myself.
I peered at you through the monitor almost wishing you were awake and needing me.
You weren't.

In my head I ran through the 8 million reasons I shouldn't 'sneak' into your room.
Luck would guarantee that if it wasn't the obnoxiously loud door that would wake you, it would be the creaky floors and if it weren't the creaky floors, you'd wake when you realize you were being lifted out of your crib.

But I knew my payoff would be great.
I decided to risk it.
The loud door woke you up.
The creaking floor didn't help.

I picked you up, rested your head against me and you were out.
I was in heaven.
We rocked, you snored and I lingered in every moment.
How has time gotten so far away from us?

Who is this child that is draped across my body?
When did you get so big?

I knew I'd have these thoughts if I went in and picked you up.
I also knew, however, that if I didn't, I wouldn't forgive myself.
I'd wake up one day, you'd be 6 and I'd wish I'd risked waking you up for a cuddle.
Luckily, I don't have to wonder.
As I put you back in your crib, you rolled over and continued your sleep.
You are such an angel.
We love you so much.

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Anonymous said...

You are a doll Chloe. I love you. xoxooxGrandma Lynn