Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Pictures

I took Chloe to the beach with Gabby and Andrea this afternoon.


Chloe is a sand MONSTER.

I have a serious aversion to sand.

Here are a few pictures from this evening.


Chloe was of course RAVISHED and wouldn’t stop eating to pose for a picture.

I’m trying to get back into using my camera frequently.

IMG_7625 copy

I can see I need some practice.


I’m realizing I have very few pictures of myself lately.  I’m not entirely sure I want lots of them, but I feel a twinge of sadness when I realize I have what seems like 10 since Chloe was born!

I want to chronicle my pregnancy with Lauren better… and I want the girls to know who their mom was when they were young!

I’d just like them to remember me looking…

…a little more super-model-esque…


Does that make any sense at all?

   IMG_7578 copy

Chloe looks confused.

This is her new favorite look.

While we’re out, instead of smiles, people get a big fat frown.

They’re not sure what to think.

Then she usually ends up pulling out the dimple card.

Not one but TWO.

Can someone please tell me…

How did she get TWO dimples?!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful picture of you and Chloe.

Anonymous said...

Jenny. You look absolutely beautiful. Please don't cheat your girls out of seeing their gorgeous mom in pictures. I love you. xoxoMOM

Anonymous said...

You look AMAZING in that picture! Gorgeous! See you this weekend! Love, T

Anonymous said...

I miss those dimples today. Thinking of all of you and wishing I could blink and be there. xooxoxMOM/GIGI